Fortnightly conversations with inspiring people who are rethinking society’s solutions to global problems

How did Shape the System come to be?

In late 2019 two long time friends, Lucy Rose Davey and Vincent Turner decided, for reasons even we can’t  fully remember, to start a podcast. Both of us had spent a lot of time in the startup space and noticed an overwhelming celebration of startup culture, ways of working and founder journeys.

There was a lot of talk about how much money did you raise?, what did you do when you ran out of money? and how much are you worth now?

It felt like an opportunity to uncover and celebrate something else, something with purpose. We wanted to create a show where we focused on the problems, the innovation and the challenges. We hope to reach curious, empathetic people who are interested in seeing the world improve.

Maybe you are working on something now, maybe you are thinking about joining a purpose led company, team or non-profit. Wherever you are we hope that by sharing these interviews we can inspire more people to follow their purpose, deepen their resolve and ultimately have a bigger impact.

We hope you enjoy.

Shape the System is an independent podcast with support from KPMG High Growth Ventures

With Support from
KPMG High Growth Ventures

For the first two years we operated completely self funded but as our audience and ambitions grew we decided we could have a bigger impact by getting some financial support to help underpin the types of things we wanted to be doing more of (including this website!)

In mid 2022 we announced that KPMG High Growth Ventures would be coming on as the exclusive supporter of the show. We are proud and thankful to have them involved.

More about them below

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