Know someone who might be great for the show?

Please review our guidelines for what makes an amazing Shape the System guest before suggesting a guest

Broadly speaking the person, people or company needs to be working on a problem that rolls up to one or more of the UN Sustainable development goals.If you’re not familiar with these the are highlighted below.

Please note we are in no way endorsed or supported by the UN but their categories help to ensure our shows are consistent and aligned to why we started this podcast
Still not sure? We suggest listen to some of our recent episodes which you can find below

Live shows or collaborations with other events

We are open to live shows and collaborations with impact led events as long as we can record the show and get flown to the location (if not Greater Sydney).

We aren't looking to get paid from any live collaborations and we don't need to be put up or anything, just get us there and we'll work out the rest
We have no commercial intent in creating and growing Shape the System, it's just something we wanted to see in the world. To that end if a company/founder is a guest on the show then we consider the interview to be their asset. We encourage you to cut it up, repurpose it and get as much out of it as you can (credit is nice, but not required).