September 20, 2023

Christine Sow - Humentum

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In Episode 66 we talk to CEO and President of Humentum, Christine Sow

How do we do global development better? The UN sustainable development goals, which are a key lens for this show, are being actively worked on by literally thousands of for profit, non-profits and other non-governmental organisations but how to enable these organisations to deliver on their objectives


Humentum serves the organisations tackling Global Development firstly by helping them achieve operational excellence, learning from what has worked elsewhere, however understanding that success in one locale won't always translate in another in what they term 'locally led development'


To drive operational efficiency Humentum helps the NGOs across 4 key pillars 

  1. Institutional Architecture (how are they setup)
  2. People
  3. Funding & Financial Systems
  4. Risk & Compliance


Critically, People, as the primary asset of the organisation need a deep and broad set of skills to drive engagement and action and how we attract, retain and compensate those people to ensure success in a globally competitive talent context. This is especially relevant in a world where the people on the ground, where the development opportunities are are often paid entirely differently simply because of the country/city they work from. Additionally Humentum works closely with the organisations, their funders and their people to develop their skills and resilience specifically in the context of the delivery of their services.

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