March 26, 2024

David Goldman - Foundation For National Parks & Wildlife

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About the Guest(s):
David Goldman is a seasoned professional in the field of environmental conservation, and a representative of the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Australia. With a dedication to the preservation of national parks and wildlife, David brings a wealth of insight into biodiversity and land management. Based in Sydney, Australia, his role involves collaborative efforts to expand the reach and protection of natural reserves across the country, aiming to save threatened species and enhance ecological resilience.

Episode Summary:
In this engaging episode of Shape the System, host Vincent interviews David Goldman from the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife. Together, they delve into the pressing issues surrounding biodiversity, wildlife preservation, and ecosystem resilience in Australia. They discuss innovative ways of safeguarding natural habitats and the pivotal role of land conservation in maintaining a diverse and flourishing biosphere.

David sheds light on the foundation's key projects, including the pursuit of enlarging national parks and establishing green corridors. He highlights the importance of eliminating invasive species to allow native flora and fauna to thrive, and the role of community participation in protecting and revitalizing the environment. With a comprehensive look at government partnerships and philanthropy, this episode is rich with insights into the tactical steps being taken to meet Australia's 30x30 conservation commitments.

The conversation further explores the evolution of the foundation, which has transitioned from purely land acquisition to encompassing land regeneration and public engagement through the Backyard Buddies program. They also touch on the economics of land conservation, including engaging with private landholders and the future of sustainable revenue models for environmental charities.

Key Takeaways:
The Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife aims to protect 30% of Australia's natural land by 2030 by purchasing and regenerating land adjacent to national parks.
Biodiversity preservation has a direct impact on ecological resilience, crucial for combating extreme weather events and climate change.
Efforts include volunteering, community nurseries, and working with local governments to eliminate invasive species and promote native ecosystems.
The concept of 'Backyard Buddies' promotes individual action, underscoring the connection between one's backyard and larger ecological systems.
Innovative models for sustainable futures include leveraging carbon sequestration to fund further land acquisition, demonstrating an evolution from traditional donation-based funding.
Notable Quotes:
"The federal government put out a list, continuously update that list. It's part of the EPBC act, and currently there's almost 2000 threatened species, both floor and fauna." - David Goldman
"Often what our work will involve before even handing it over the land over as national park is that revegetation or regeneration of the land." - David Goldman
"87% of the money that comes to us, we will put it back into the purpose." - David Goldman
"I personally, and I'm sure there are a number of people at the office, don't believe that the donor model is necessarily the long-term sustainable future." - David Goldman
"So it's about being a bit more clever in how we look at our future and what revenue models we put in place to ensure that we are sustainable." - David Goldman

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Embark on a journey through the transformative efforts of the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife by listening to the full episode. Discover the innovative strategies that are shaping the future of Australia's natural landscapes. Stay tuned for more episodes from Shape the System to be inspired by stories of individuals and organizations redefining how we interact with and protect our planet.

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