October 23, 2023

Kristian Hansen - Slo Jeans

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About The Guest(s):
Kristian Hansen is the founder and CEO of Slo, a sustainable fashion brand that aims to change the fast fashion industry. With a background in the fashion industry, Kristian saw the need for a more sustainable and ethical approach to clothing production and set out to create a brand that focuses on quality, durability, and customization.

Kristian Hansen, founder and CEO of Slo, discusses the problems with the fast fashion industry and how his brand is working to change the system. He explains that fast fashion is responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions and waste, and that the industry is focused on producing clothing quickly and cheaply, leading to poor quality and disposable garments. Slow takes a different approach by involving the community in the design process and creating made-to-order clothing that is built to last. Kristian shares his vision for the future of fashion and the challenges of setting up his own manufacturing facility.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fast fashion is responsible for a significant amount of carbon emissions and waste.
  • Slow aims to create sustainable and ethical clothing that is made to order and built to last.
  • The fashion industry needs to shift towards a more sustainable and community-driven model.
  • Slow is working on setting up its own manufacturing facility to have more control over the production process.


  • "Fashion is responsible for about 10% of the world's carbon emissions." - Kristian Hansen
  • "We want to give people what they want, not tell them what they want." - Kristian Hansen
  • "Sustainability and ethics are not up for negotiation." - Kristian Hansen



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