August 17, 2023

Nicole Gibson - Love out Loud

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In this episode we talk to CEO & Founder of Love Out Loud about Love and the role it can play in the maximising human potential and happiness. Not love in the romantic sense but as the opposite of fear. We explore the three systems at play in our day to day experience including the nervous system, emotive system and your cognitive function and how these impact our ability as individuals and collectively to be open to new ideas, other people’s experience and personal growth generally.

A fascinating conversation that covers philosophy, change and our sense of self and ego and how we become attached to our identity and our inability to let go holds back our potential for growth and this in turn impacts our ability to collectively solve large problems

So what to do? Well technology is both a large source of the problem and potentially part of the solution. Nicole spells out how the brain technologies we have used to understand people’s emotive state could be extrapolated out to the devices on billions of people’s wrists (smart watches with heart monitors) to help people identify when they are moving into a state of fear or love as the basis for taking action.

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