May 21, 2024

Simon Schillebeeckx - Handprint Tech

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About the Guest(s):

Simon Schillebeeckx is the co-founder of Handprint, a company he started in late 2019 with a mission to generate positive impacts on the planet through deliberate action. Prior to his entrepreneurial journey, Schillebeeckx had an academic background in environmental sustainability. His academic career was dedicated to teaching students and conducting research focused on sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Adopting the scientific concept of "handprint," Schillebeeckx has ventured to create systemic changes in the way companies view and implement sustainability initiatives.

Episode Summary:

In this insightful episode of "Shape the System," host Vincent Turner invites Simon Schillebeeckx, the co-founder of Handprint, to discuss the transformative concept of "handprints" in the sustainability space. Schillebeeckx, with his in-depth academic experience in environmental sustainability, sheds light on how companies can move beyond the traditional model of minimizing their environmental footprints to actively creating positive outcomes, hence leaving a "handprint."

The episode delves into the current state of capitalism and its alignment with sustainability goals. Simon Schillebeeckx articulates the evolution from the “do no evil” approach towards a more affirmative “do good” strategy. The conversation revolves around integrating sustainability into business models not simply as an ethical choice, but as a lever for business growth and competitive advantage. Schillebeeckx shares compelling case studies demonstrating how this integration can significantly boost sales and brand loyalty.

Key Takeaways:

The concept of "handprint" pertains to the sum of all positive impacts that an individual or company creates through deliberate action, in contrast to the "footprint" which accounts for negative impacts.

A shift from "do no evil" to "do good" is necessary for organizations to engage meaningfully in sustainability, with potential positive impacts on business metrics.

Engagement strategies involving handprint initiatives can lead to enhanced customer and employee loyalty, leading to tangible business benefits.

The financial economy, including payments and banking, presents a substantial opportunity to scale handprint initiatives and create massive impacts.

Visual proof and updates on sustainable projects can greatly increase engagement and credibility of handprint initiatives.

Notable Quotes:

"Handprint's really the flip side of that [footprint], and it’s the sum of all the positive impacts one creates through deliberate action that leaves positive outcomes for the planet." — Simon Schillebeeckx

"If you think there's a great example... Maybank here in Singapore recently launched a new bank card... And they worked with one of our impact partners, Seven Clean Seas, to remove 150 kilos of plastic from the ocean as part of the launch of this plastic-free or plastic-neutral bank card." — Simon Schillebeeckx

"The focal area is payments and banking.... If you can become part of money movement... that alone would be more than enough to cover the 3.4 trillion [shortfall in funding for the sustainable development goals]." — Simon Schillebeeckx


Handprint Website - Explore the initiatives and technological advancements made by Simon Schillebeeckx's company.

Tune in to the full episode to hear Simon Schillebeeckx articulate the future of sustainability and impact across industries and t

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