March 26, 2024

Stu Adam - Agronomeye

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About The Guest(s):

Stu Adams is the CEO and co-founder of Agronomeye, an agricultural technology company that focuses on providing detailed data and decision-making tools for farmers. With a background in sports journalism, Stu transitioned into the agricultural space through his work with drones and the connections he made with farmers along the way. He is passionate about helping farmers improve their land management practices and navigate the challenges of sustainability in the agricultural industry.


In this episode, Stu Adams, CEO and co-founder of Agronomeye, discusses the current state of farming and land management in Australia. He highlights the need for sustainable practices and the challenges that farmers face in navigating the complex landscape of environmental credentials and natural capital. Stu explains how Agronomeye is using technology, such as LiDAR scanning, to provide farmers with detailed data and decision-making tools to optimize their farming practices. He emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration in the agricultural industry and the role that Agronomeye plays in connecting farmers with advisors, stakeholders, and potential markets. Stu also shares his insights on alternative methods of food production and the future of farming.

Key Takeaways:

  • Farmers are facing increasing pressure to adopt sustainable land management practices and demonstrate their environmental credentials.
  • Agronomeye provides farmers with detailed data and decision-making tools to optimize their farming practices and engage in natural capital markets.
  • The use of technology, such as LiDAR scanning, allows for a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the farming landscape.
  • Communication and collaboration are essential in the agricultural industry to ensure the success of sustainability initiatives and market transactions.
  • Alternative methods of food production, such as vertical farming and alternative proteins, are not likely to replace traditional agriculture but can complement existing practices.


  • "We think that there is a layer of detail missing in the AG space when it comes to measuring the farm and the farming system." - Stu Adams
  • "It's about empowering the landholder to make decisions, to engage in projects, and to go from talking into doing in the space when it comes to natural capital markets." - Stu Adams

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