May 21, 2024

Udo Erasmus - Udo's Choice

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About the Guest(s):

Udo Erasmus is a pioneering health and wellness advocate, specializing in the field of fats, oils, and human health. Born in Poland during World War II and raised in Latvia, Udo faced the harsh realities of war from an early age, which propelled him into a lifelong quest for answers to the fundamentals of life, health, and human nature. Erasmus has an impressive background in biochemistry, genetics, biology, and nutrition, and is well-known for developing methods for creating oils with health in mind. At 82 years old, he continues to be an inspiring figure, sharing his expansive knowledge and insights on optimal health, inner peace, and the mastery of life.

Episode Summary:

In an enlightening episode of Shape the System, host Vincent is joined by the illustrious Udo Erasmus. At 82 years old, Udo brings a wealth of experience and wisdom to the conversation, delving into his life's dedication to understanding and improving human health through a fundamental approach to nutrition and well-being.

In the first part of the discussion, Udo shares his traumatic experiences as a war child and his eventful journey towards unraveling the complex world of dietary fats and oils. He highlights the 42 essential nutrients required for optimal health, focusing particularly on the misunderstood world of fats, debunking common misconceptions about oils, and advocating for methods that prioritize our health. His innovative work in creating flaxseed oil and his passion for educating people about the proper manufacturing and consumption of oils are at the forefront of his mission.

Transitioning from physical health, Udo articulates a broader vision, encouraging a profound introspection into human nature. He aims to inspire listeners to find deep internal peace and love—the same peaceful presence that lives within every individual and is the essence of all great spiritual teachers. As Udo shares personal anecdotes of transformation and realization, the conversation leads to envisioning a world where each individual is tuned into the life energy and peace that is inherently their own.

Key Takeaways:

Udo Erasmus emphasizes the significance of 42 essential nutrients, with a focus on the proper balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for maintaining optimal skin health and overall well-being.

The process of creating oils should be done with health in mind, avoiding exposure to light, oxygen, and high temperatures that can damage the oils and negatively impact health.

Udo presents a visionary approach, suggesting that everything affects health, with a shift towards understanding human nature as crucial for solving global issues and personal fulfillment.

After years of exploration and practice, Udo advocates for a daily stillness practice that allows individuals to connect with their inner peace and life energy, which he believes is the key to true happiness and purpose.

Erasmus envisions a transformative global consciousness shift, where every person lives in alignment with their inherent nature of peace and love, creating a better world for all.

Notable Quotes:

"I can only change it for myself, because I only have access to myself, but I can be an influence in that direction for other people." - Udo Erasmus

"The most important thing that needs to be done on this planet... is to become independent... to become dependent on what is within us, because the leader that we're looking for to make the world a good place for everybody, that leader, that same leader lives in every human being on the planet, and that leader is called life." - Udo Erasmus

"What else is there to do? What else is there that's really important? What else is there that will fix the problems we're creating? Because we're not living like that." - Udo Erasmus

"Your life, and I'm talking about the energy that runs the energy, are that master...That's your essential nature." - Udo Erasmus

"Heartache is the call to come home, to being fully present in all of your being." - Udo Erasmus


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Explore the full depths of Udo Erasmus's philosophies and his unique perspectives on health, vitality, and human nature in this profound episode of Shape the System. Join us as we continue to uncover the stories of individuals who dedicate their lives to reshaping the systems of the world for the better. Stay tuned for more captivating and transformative content.


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